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by Kandappan Balasubramanian, PhD
Publisher: The Hospitality Press
Year: 2023    E-Year:
SMJHS-1 (Printed)    ISBN:  (Online/ Ebook)

Book Details
1 About the Journal
2 Governing Body Members
3 The Topic and Sub-topic of the Journal Research Paper
4 Research Paper: Characteristics of Hospitality
5 Addressing the Challenges and Approach for Human Resource Management in Tourism & Hospitality Industry
6 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, Preparedness and Training Perceptions towards Food Allergies and Food Handling of Young Hospitality Students in Manipal Karnataka
7 Genetically Modified and Non-Organic Foods Associated with the Development of Health Disorders in Fast Food Addiction
8 Genetically Modified Food and Associated Human Health
9 MOROCCO Characteristic of People Inhabiting from the Begining
10 The Impact of Bocuse d' Or Competitions in Hungary on the Development of the Domestic Catering and Hospitality Industry
11 Research Paper: Coeval Hotel Management
12 An Assessment on the Impact of Quality Consciousness in the Industry of Food Processing
13 Sustainability in Employee Retention at Durgapur Hotels
14 Research Paper: Contemporary Culinary Arts
15 Challenges in Managing Nutrition through Local Foods in Nepali Cuisine
16 Role of Food and Beverage Staff in Promoting Awareness of Healthy Food
17 Thakurbari Cuisine The Sustainability of The Royal Cuisine from Tagore's Kitchen in Modern Gastronomy
18 The Understanding of Sustainable Waste Management in Hospitality in Kathmandu, Nepal
19 Research Paper: Ethos of Tourism
20 A Bibliometric Analysis on Culinary Tourism Research using Scopus Indexed Studies from 2001 to 2022
21 A Replicated Study of International Travel Barriers
22 Challenges and Trends of Community-based Tourism as a Tool for Community Development
23 Research Article: Culinary Arts
24 Healthy Food: The Impact of Vegetarian Diet in the Teenager
25 The Food Custom and Hospitality Culture of Native Americans
26 Research Article: Hospitality
27 Comparative Study of Sustainable Food Choices and Fast-food Choices among the Young Generation in India
28 Research Article: Open Topic
29 An Insight into the Relationship between Food that We Eat and Health
30 Research Article: Tourism
31 Bollywood Tourism: Constituent Products & Challenges in India